Wine Down Wednesday: Scavi & Ray Al Cioccolata

The summer days are fast approaching which means more at-home brunches/picnics (social distancing style) and days of pure bliss in the sun while also adhering to all the Covid19 precautionary measures. It also means it’s time to stock up on some of our favourite beverages.

This week, I am putting the spotlight on Scavi & Ray Al Cioccolata. Now, this is a new favorite of mine. I was introduced to it about two months ago and upon opening the bottle, it was an instant win as the cocoa aroma filled the air. Now listen mamas, I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate so I was completely surprised at how my taste buds reacted to that first sip; it was everything.  I started recommending it to girlfriends in Ghana and abroad and every single person who has tried it agreed with me, Scavi & Ray Al Cioccolata is a great infusion of red grape cuvée and the lovely aroma of Italian chocolate.

Let’s break it down, down, down. The bottle size, which is a super cute pink and black bottle, is 0.75l. The alcohol content is 10%vol. Serving temperature should be around 16-18°C.

For my Modern Day Moms in Ghana, Wine Barrell in East Legon stocks Scavi & Ray Al Cioccolata. They also will deliver to your doorstep for a fee. For those outside of Ghana, head to their WEBSITE for more information.


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