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The Transition From Bottle To Sippy Cup! – Modern Day Mom

The Transition From Bottle To Sippy Cup!

Yes, your little bubba is growing up. *Wipes Tears*

I remember when I started my son Aaron’s transition from bottle to sippy,  I was a tad bit emotional. My baby was no longer a baby. Where did time fly? When Aaron was about 10 months old, I got him off the bottle part time.  He started only using the bottle at night.  Now mamas, the day time transition from bottle to sippy cup was smooth sailing but when it finally came to getting him off the nighttime bottle feeding, it was a tad bit harder.  In the exact words of my son, “Mommy, I need my milk in the bottle. It’s nighttime. I need it in the bottle…” as I tried explaining to him that he’s a big boy and big boys drink their evening milk from their big boy cup. This conversation happened four nights straight and on the fifth night, Aaron said, “Mommy, no more bottle.” I looked up at him in surprise because he had been adamant of not using a cup for his evening milk.  I quickly ran to the kitchen and warmed up his milk and poured it in a sippy cup and guess what? He drank it with no fuss and we’ve been sippy cup cruising ever since.

Our favorite sippy cup is by Take & Toss. They are super affordable ranging from about $5.00 for a pack of four, they are bold in color, they are made without BPA, and lastly, which I know my mamas will love, the cups are spill proof.

One more thing, when your child outgrows their Take & Toss sippy cup, you can do just that…take and toss it as they are recyclable.

We are also obsessed with the Nuby Flip-It Sippy Cup, which is also BPA free and spill-free.  This is also the perfect sippy cup for on the go or just lounging around at home.  I use the Nuby Flip-It Sippy Cup for Aaron’s water throughout the day.

For my Modern Day Mamas in Ghana, BabyBlissGH on instagram stocks both the Nuby Flip-It Sippy Cup and the Take & Toss Sippy Cup.

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