The Modern Day Mom’s SkinCare Brand Obsession!

Mama’s, this is the perfect time to get into a daily skincare routine. I’m a lover of good, consistent skincare products.  Over the past few months, I started using BIODERMA products.

BIODERMA is a French skincare brand well known for being highly effective but gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Being that I was testing the waters, I started with two of their products, the purifying cleansing bar and the purifying cleansing micelle solution. I use both products twice a day. Although the micelle solution is primarily used for taking off makeup, I actually use it as a cleanser after I’ve washed my face with the cleansing bar. The results have been amazing. Beyond amazing that I’ve been recommending BIODERMA to anyone who asks about the products I’m currently using.

I’ve now added two more products to my daily beauty routine; the purifying cleansing foaming gel and the ultra-nourishing cream.

Below are the simple steps (TWICE A DAY):

First, I wash my face with the purifying cleansing bar followed by the foaming gel (60 seconds for both).  After patting my face dry, I will use a cotton ball to apply micelle solution followed by the ultra-nourishing cream as my moisturiser.

Not only will your face begin to look refreshed instantly, you’ll being to have a natural glow.

If you’re in Ghana, you can purchase BIODERMA at ECP Pharmacy. If you’re outside of Ghana, you can check out

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