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Modern Day Toddler: #COVID19 – How To Properly Clean Your Children’s Toys! – Modern Day Mom

Modern Day Toddler: #COVID19 – How To Properly Clean Your Children’s Toys!

Parents, it is VERY important to keep your children’s toys clean and keep the germs away. Regularly disinfecting toys can be helpful in the spreading of germs/viruses. In my home, I wipe down all the toys Aaron plays with daily and do a massive clean up on the weekends.

It’s quite simple and doesn’t take up much time. Here are a few examples:

  1. For Aaron’s smaller sized toys, I start by filling a large basin with warm water and adding a bit of soap. Place the toys in the basin and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I then use a washcloth to clean each toy followed by rinsing each toy with cold water. I then lay them on a clean surface to dry.

  2. For his toys that are battery operated. I start with taking out the batteries followed by wiping each today down. In this instance, I do not submerge the toys in water as you do not want to destroy the toys. I use a spray bottle filled with warm water and soap and lightly spray the toy and quickly white it down using a dry washcloth.

  3. On plush toys. It depends. There are days I throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry or I use a handheld vacuum to clean the toy. It depends on if it’s a plush today he brings out daily or one that is just sitting in a corner.

  4. For pacifier/teether. I always have a pacifier wipe around. PACIFIER wipe not just a regular wipe. Whether at home or on the go, they are very handy. For at home use, you can either purchase a sterilizer or just go the old school way by filling a bowl with warm water and a bit of soap. Soaking the pacifier/teether and even bottles in the water followed by rinsing them throughly.

  5. I will recommend purchasing the Milton mini portable soother sterilizer for on the go.

    There are a ton of baby-friendly cleaning products that I recommend you use. You can find the list on are safe and made specifically to not be harmful on babies/toddlers. They are also safe for the environment.

EVERYBODY CLEAN UP, clean up! EVERYBODY CLEAN UP, clean up! Everybody clean up. Time to clean up.

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