Modern Day Mom Happy Hour!

I’m beyond thrilled about all that I have in store for Modern Day Mom; Ghana’s Premiere Mommy Lifestyle Hub. Over the next few months, so much will be unveiled and I’m definitely giving all my mama’s what they have been yearning for.

Tomorrow! Friday, the 10th of April, we kick off the first ever virtual Modern Day Mom Happy Hour. Yes! Yes! Yes! Mama’s from all around the world will be joining in on the fun. ¬†This is the perfect opportunity for mama’s to let their hair down, relax in the comfort of their homes, sip on their favourite drink of choice and have a great, insightful and honest conversation. For our first edition, our topic is….’What Surprised You The Most During Pregnancy?” I’m looking forward to hearing all the stories that my mama’s will be sharing!

If you didn’t sign up for this first edition of the Modern Day Mom Happy Hour, there’s no need to fret as I will be hosting it once a month and will be sharing each session on the MDM official youtube page.


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