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Modern Day Mom Celebrates Modern Day Dads! – Modern Day Mom

Modern Day Mom Celebrates Modern Day Dads!

If you subscribed to the Modern Day Mom monthly newsletter then you already know the exciting news for the month of June.  Over the past two months, I’ve had the opportunity of engaging in educative and fun conversations with moms and health professionals from all around the world. If you missed any of the Modern Day Mom Chats, you can catch up on our official YOUTUBE page.

For the month of June, the Modern Day Mom meets the Modern Day Dad.  Being that June is the month of celebrating fathers, it’s only befitting Modern Day Mom puts a spotlight on their journeys of fatherhood and gives them a platform to share their experiences.

I have lined up 5 Modern Day Dads who are eager to share their unfiltered stories; the joys, the struggles and everything in-between.

I’m looking forward to my conversations with Media Personality & Entrepreneur Joel Orleans, who is a father of two, Resident Oncology Nurse Specialist Alexander Adu Kissi, who is a father of two, Kwame Nkum, a father of four, Lino Martinez, a father of one and Mutombo, a father of two.

The Modern Day Mom Meets Modern Day Dad Chat begins this Friday, June 5th.

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