“Complications From Pregnancy Can Be Caused By Depression.” – Dr. Winnifred Twum

It is very important I continue to raise awareness and put the spotlight on imperative issues affecting the daily lives of women; issues that we tend to shy away from and sweep under the rug not realising the only way to receive help is to be honest and vocal about what we are internally going throw.  On a special edition of the Modern Day Mom Chat, Dr. Winnifred Twum, a Resident Psychiatrist at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana honoured my invitation on educating us on Maternal Mental Health Awareness and mental health on a whole; a topic that is rarely addressed in our society due to stigma and the “negative” opinions associated with it. There is NOTHING negative about someone’s truth and doing what needs to be done to be the best YOU.

Dr. Twum and I focused on the importance seeking help once you notice any changes in your moods, daily activity, sleep patterns.  We went on to address the different types of depression and treatment options during pregnancy and so, much more.

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